A personal journal program for Windows

What is UpStream?

Who is UpStream for?

Originally created as a simple time tracking tool to assist with remote work, the system expanded to include the ability to add and track other information and provide simple and quick methods to locate that information at a later time.

Currently UpStream is being used by a wide variety of people in both personal and business environments.

Where is my data stored?

Data is stored on your local hard drive in a local database.  Early on we made the decision not to store entries in the cloud.  While this is a different direction than most are taking, we wanted to make sure that your data remains your data.  There is an option in the program to relocate your database file and you can then place it in a folder that is synced between multiple devices if you would like (using a service like OneDrive or Dropbox), but this is your decision.

How do I get UpStream?

Upstream is currently available in the Microsoft Store via the link