Organize time by categories

As you enter time, enter the category and a space followed by the name of the project to group the time by the category.  For instance, using "WORK Project 1" will allocate the time to the project as well as total to the category WORK both on the time sheet report as well as a summary for each day as you select an item in the grid.

The project entry uses a "most recently used" list to make data entry easier.  If you find something is in the list by mistake, you can right click when that entry is visible and select the "Remove from list" option and it will be removed for future suggestions.

Use templates to create daily journaling prompts

Whether you are creating a gratitude journal entry or a consistent way to track your exercise regiment or study progress, use templates from the structured entries section.  When you insert a template it occurs at the cursor position, and will retain the formatting in the template.  These templates can be used for a consistent layout, or for specific writing prompts to help get your creative juices flowing.